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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid Information

Policy on Institutional Scholarships
Institutional scholarships are not applied to study abroad costs. We strongly encourage students to apply for external scholarships to fund study abroad. 
Summer 2021
For Students Studying Abroad with External Providers during the Summer 2021 (Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES Abroad, ISEP)

Morehouse College students will be required to pay our preferred providers directly for all summer 2021 experiences. We have featured programs from our preferred providers listed on this site which we have vetted for quality, safety, and cost.

Students will not enroll at Morehouse nor will Morehouse College manage costs or payments for programs offered in the summer.

Morehouse College Study Abroad Financial Policy

Tuition & Fees 
All Morehouse College students are encouraged to participate in academic term study abroad experiences through one of the approved study abroad partners of Morehouse College. When studying abroad with an approved partner utilizing one of the partner programs approved by the Office of International Education, Morehouse College students pay Morehouse study abroad tuition and fees regardless of the tuition cost of the study abroad program.  
Students are responsible for paying room and board costs directly to the study abroad program. While studying abroad under the auspices of Morehouse College, students are fully enrolled at Morehouse College, and may make use of other resources at Morehouse, including faculty advising, career counseling, etc. 
Students who choose to participate in a program that is not approved by the Office of International Education are required to enroll at the academic institution affiliated with that experience and transfer the accumulated credits to Morehouse College. In this instance students are responsible for all costs associated with the experience, including the study abroad program, room and board, and travel. 
Study abroad room and board costs  
Students enrolled in approved study abroad programs are not charged and do not pay room and board costs to Morehouse. Instead, students are responsible for paying room and board costs directly to the study abroad program.    
Account balance at Morehouse  
Students must pay in full any outstanding balance on their student account before leaving for study abroad. If they do not pay the balance (via financial aid or other forms of payment), the College will notify their study abroad program that their approval to study abroad has been rescinded. If the student attends the program without paying the remaining balance, the student will be doing so independent of the College. The College will not pay the student’s study abroad tuition to the study abroad program, the student will be dropped from classes at the College and therefore receive no financial aid, and the student will be responsible for paying all costs directly to the study abroad program. These costs include tuition, fees, room and board.  
Study abroad room and board costs  
Students studying abroad are not charged Morehouse College room and board.  Students do not pay room and board to Morehouse. Instead, students are responsible for paying room and board costs directly to the study abroad program.    
Study abroad and external scholarships 
If a student receives a scholarship from a study abroad program, the award will be credited to the student’s Morehouse College student account and it will reduce the amount of tuition the student is required to pay Morehouse College. Any outside scholarship received by a financial aid recipient may cause an adjustment of Morehouse institutional scholarships.  
Program deposit 
The College does not pay program deposits on students’ behalf and does not reimburse students for deposits made by students. Students are responsible for paying all program deposits directly to study abroad programs. This may include application fees, admission deposits, housing deposits, etc. 
Please note that some programs say on their website that the deposit is applied to the tuition portion of the program fee. However, some approved programs that are in partnership with Morehouse do not credit the deposit amount to the study abroad tuition invoice to Morehouse.

Personal expenses  
Students are responsible for personal expenses such as airfare, local transportation, health insurance, visa and passport fees, housing, meals and any optional academic programs associated with the study abroad program.  
Study abroad withdrawal fees and penalties 
Some host universities and/or study abroad programs charge students large withdrawal fees if the student withdraws from (does not complete) the study abroad program. Students and families are responsible for paying all penalties and fines imposed by the program. The College does not absorb such fees on any students’ behalf.   
Delinquent payments abroad 
Students are responsible for clearing all outstanding non-tuition program balances with their study abroad program. Programs will not issue a transcript until students have submitted final payment. Please address any such issues with the program and have a transcript sent to Morehouse as soon as possible. Delay could jeopardize a student's enrollment at the College for the following semester and impact the student's ability to graduate on time. 
Financial Aid for Study Abroad 
Domestic students who are typically eligible for financial aid must complete their annual financial aid application before financial aid eligibility can be assessed for study abroad costs. The College follows the federal guidelines for financial aid. In order to be eligible for financial aid, a student must complete and submit the required financial aid forms no later than the regular annual deadlines published on the financial aid website. Some forms of financial aid are not eligible to be used for study abroad costs.  Institutional scholarships, including Morehouse College academic scholarships, cannot be used to cover study abroad tuition/fees, and cannot be used to cover room and board costs for study abroad. It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain whether their specific scholarships can be applied to study abroad program costs. 
Expenses not covered by Financial Aid award 
Students are advised to consider the additional costs of study abroad early in the study abroad planning process. Students who are eligible for financial assistance should consult the Office of Financial Aid if they have any questions. Financial aid staff can provide information about financial aid paperwork, address questions about a student's specific financial situation, and explain the types of aid that can be used for study abroad. The Office of International Education is available to provide students with information on other means of financing study abroad, including scholarships and other awards. 

Financial Aid and study abroad room and board payments 
If the amount of a student's eligible financial aid is greater than the study abroad charges on their Morehouse College tuition bill, they will have a credit on their Morehouse student account. The credit amount will be refunded to the student by direct deposit or a check will be mailed to the student’s mailing address. The student must use those funds to pay room and board and other costs associated with the study abroad experience. 
When Financial Aid is Credited/Refunds 
The financial aid refund can only be issued once a credit balance is created. Refunds should not be expected prior to the beginning of the normal Fall or Spring semester because Federal Funds (e.g. Federal Direct Loans, Federal Parent PLUS Loans, Pell Grants and, SEOG Grants) cannot be disbursed until after add/drop ends at Morehouse. At that point, refunds are processed based on the regular College refund schedule.  
Withdrawal Policies and Penalties 
Some host universities and/or study abroad programs have very strict withdrawal policies and penalties. These policies vary by university and/or study abroad program. However, in general, students should expect to pay a large penalty for dropping out of a study abroad program after a specified date. Students and families are responsible for paying all penalties and fines imposed by the program. The College will not absorb any such fees on any student's behalf. The College will not refund any tuition that is not refunded to the College by the study abroad program. To avoid fines, penalties, and loss of tuition funding that result from late withdrawals, students and families are advised to communicate, as early as possible, directly with the study abroad program about the financial implications of withdrawing from the program. The Office of International Education can assist students in learning specific program guidelines and in communicating with study abroad partners. 
Room and Board payments and withdrawal policies 
Students are responsible for all room and board costs associated with the study abroad experience. Students are required to pay room and board costs directly to the program or to manage these costs with providers of services. Morehouse College is not involved in managing, funding, or supporting room and board costs for students studying abroad. Some host universities and/or study abroad programs require large housing deposits, which the student may end up forfeiting if they withdraw after the date specified by the program. In addition, the program may impose a withdrawal fee, and charge for the cost of the room and board. Students remain responsible for paying the fees to the program after withdrawal. The College will not absorb any such fees on any student’s behalf. 
When a student withdraws from their study abroad program after Morehouse College has paid their tuition to the study abroad program 
Students pay Morehouse study abroad tuition and fees to Morehouse College, which in turn pays the study abroad tuition to the program on the student's behalf.  When a student withdraws from their study abroad program, after the withdrawal date specified by the program and after the College has paid the study abroad tuition to the program, the program may impose a withdrawal fee by withholding a portion or the entire amount that the College has paid on the student's behalf. The withdrawal fee is the responsibility of the student and the College will pass the withdrawal fee and any other costs on to the student. The study abroad tuition withdrawal fee will be posted on the student's Morehouse Student Account. The student will be responsible for paying all penalties and fines imposed by the program. The College will not absorb any fees on any student's behalf. The College will not refund any tuition that is not refunded to the College by the study abroad program. 
When a student withdraws from their study abroad program before Morehouse College pays their tuition to the study abroad program 
Students pay Morehouse study abroad tuition and fees to Morehouse College, which in turn pays the study abroad tuition to the program on the student's behalf. In the event that a student withdraws from their study abroad program, after the withdrawal date specified by the program but before the College has paid the study abroad tuition to the program, the student will be responsible for paying all penalties and fines imposed by the program. This may include program tuition, room and board costs and withdrawal fees. The College will not absorb any fees on any student's behalf. 

Scholarships for Provider Programs

Below you can find comprehensive information about scholarships which can help financially support an experience abroad.  In addition to the scholarships listed below, if you will be participating in a program offered by one of our 5 approved provider organizations, you may be eligible for a scholarship offered by that organization. 

General Scholarships

African Flagship Language Initiative The African Flagship Languages Initiative Overseas Program includes a semester abroad of training in a critical African language, life-changing cultural exposure, and real-world business experience. You will acquire the skills you need to excel in your field.
Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation Scholarship Open to U.S. citizens with a minimum 3.0 GPA intending to study abroad on a program at least 14 weeks in length.
Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a grant program that enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad, thereby gaining skills critical to our national security and economic competitiveness. The Gilman Scholarship Program is open to U.S. citizen undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.
CEDINTHECITYFOREVER The CedintheCity Scholars program is about putting feet to a vision to change the face of travel by encouraging African American students to study abroad and supporting their quests to do so. We hope that this program will alleviate some of the financial burden as well as be a catalyst for African Americans to expand their horizons and deepen their connectivity to other cultures through global travel.
Critical Language Scholarship The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program for American students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities. The program includes intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences designed to promote rapid language gains.
David L. Boren Scholarship and Fellowship This program offers significant funding for study abroad by U.S. students in world regions critical to U.S. interests. Awards for undergraduates are up to $20,000 for long term study abroad.  Amounts determined by length of study abroad.
Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship Diversity Abroad, in cooperation with the AIFS Foundation, will offer $500 scholarships for fall and spring semester. Five scholarships are available for each semester. Economically disadvantaged students, first-generation, students with disabilities and ethnic and racially diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply.
Diversity Abroad Summer Scholarship The Diversity Abroad Consortium will offer summer scholarships in the amount of $1,000 for full-time undergraduate (both community college and university level) students attending a member institution (which includes Morehouse College).
Fund for Education Abroad The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) invests in promising students with financial need who wish to study abroad. Potential applicants who meet the eligibility requirements may participate on any international education program that meets their academic objectives. Scholarships range from $1,250 – $10,000 and can be applied for programs that run for at least 28 days.
Global Experience Scholarship (GES) At GE we are committed to raising the number of U.S. students studying abroad by 2020. In order to boost those statistics GE offers three scholarship opportunities for interested participants. 
Go Overseas Scholarships We believe going overseas changes lives. That's why we give away $100,000 in scholarships every year. We are also a scholarship resource where you can find out about scholarships offered by other organizations.
Goldwater Scholarship This competitive opportunity seeks students who intend to pursue a research career in the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. On the Goldwater website, you will find more information on eligibility requirements. Students interested in applying should contact the Goldwater representative at Morehouse to inquire about the nomination process. Scholarships are not specifically for study abroad, but awards can be used for students studying overseas. 
IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grant IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grants will be made available for U.S. students from a broad range of backgrounds to make it possible for them to participate in academic, internship or service-learning experiences abroad. The scholarship program is intended to diversify study abroad and to encourage students to go abroad who would otherwise not participate in an international experience as part of their college education, especially in support of high-achieving, low-income students. The Travel Grants can be used not only for travel to and from the country of study, but also within the region, enabling students to make the most of their international experience.
Kortney Easterly Cosmopolitan Scholarship The Kortney Easterly Cosmopolitan Scholarship provides students with financial assistance with their study abroad programs. The scholarship is open to all full-time, undergraduate students who meet the minimum requirements; preference is given to students who have never traveled abroad.
Norman Woodberry Scholarship The Norman Woodberry Scholarship is awarded annually to deserving university students who want to study abroad in pursuit of an international career.
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. Seventy-five $1,000 grants are awarded each year.
Rotary Club International Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate, or graduate study. Rotary club scholarships are given by individual clubs and are open to anyone except Rotary members and their families. Contact your local club for application information and eligibility requirements.
Diversity Scholarships
Begirl World Scholarships This program awards two $2,000 scholarships for black female college students who have been accepted to a study abroad program.
IES Abroad Diversity Scholarships Our diversity scholarships and grants encourage and support students from a range of institutions and under-represented populations studying abroad on an IES Abroad program.
Luard Morse Scholarships ESU Luard Morse Scholarships are merit awards open to students during their sophomore year who are pursuing a degree in any major field.  The scholarships provide up to $25,000 towards tuition, program deposit, room and board, airfare, and stipend up to $2,500 for a semester at a British university.  Candidates must excel academically (minimum 3.0 grade point average) and exhibit the maturity and independence necessary for study abroad.
Minority Scholarship in Classics & Classical Archaeology The Committee on Diversity in the Profession of the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) invites applications from minority undergraduate students from across North America for a summer scholarship to further students’ study of classics or classical archaeology with opportunities not available during the school year. Eligible proposals might include (but are not limited to) participation in classical summer programs or field schools in the Mediterranean or language training at institutions in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. The maximum amount of the award will be $4,500.
Rainbow SIG - Rainbow Scholarship The Rainbow Scholarship awards deserving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) students who aim to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs. To be considered for the Rainbow Scholarship, applicants must self-identify on the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) scholarship application.

Scholarships from Commercial Organizations

Explore the World Travel Scholarships Recipients receive $2,000 to help finance their international trip that includes an educational or service component.
Fashion Studies This $500 scholarship is open to all students, who have enrolled in, Fashion Designing course anywhere in the world.
GoAbroad Scholarships Here's everything you need to know to land scholarships for studying abroad.
Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship The $1000 Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded biannually to passionate students who want to explore the world.

STEM Scholarships

Auckland STEM Access Scholarship Worth $15,000 (USD), the scholarship includes round trip flights to New Zealand, travel insurance, and semester tuition fee. Applicants must be US citizens or hold US Resident status.  The University of Auckland offers five additional NZ$1000 scholarships for students who apply for this scholarship but do not receive the main prize.
Trinity College Dublin STEM Scholarship The Trinity College Dublin STEM Study Abroad Excellence Scholarship ($1000) is awarded to a semester or year study abroad student who demonstrates academic excellence in their area of study and conveys how study abroad at Trinity will aid them in achieving their academic and personal goals.
National Debt Relief Scholarship National Debt Relief will award 5 scholarships of $1,000 each to outstanding college students pursuing studies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields who are interested in taking their undergrad STEM studies overseas.