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What study abroad programs does Morehouse offer?
Morehouse College offers two main models of study abroad: faculty-led and provider programs. Faculty-Led programs are the hallmark of the Morehouse College study abroad portfolio, and are offered in Winter, Spring and Summer terms.  In addition, Morehouse has relationships with five high quality providers of study abroad programs for semester and year long study abroad, as well as shorter terms such as summer.  These providers are Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES Abroad, and ISEP.  Read more about the Morehouse College study abroad offerings.  

How much does it cost to study abroad, and can my financial aid be used for study abroad?
For students participating in short-term, faculty-led programs, each program has its own set cost, which is advertised on the brochure page of that program. Costs range widely. Generally, costs for short-term, faculty-led programs are paid by the student.

Policy on Institutional Scholarships
Institutional scholarships are not applied to study abroad costs. We strongly encourage students to apply for external scholarships to fund study abroad. 

For students participating in semester or year-long study abroad programs with a Morehouse College External Provider (Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES Abroad, and ISEP) during Spring 2020 
Morehouse College students will be required to pay our preferred providers directly for all spring 2020 experiences. We have featured programs from our preferred providers listed on this site which we have vetted for quality, safety, and cost. Students who intend to enroll at Morehouse College and apply federal and other financial aid (excluding institutional scholarships) are required to select one of the programs featured for Morehouse College students. In this case, all payments (including financial aid) will be applied to the student’s account at the College and a refund will be sent to the student (or parent if PLUS loan funds are disbursed) that will be applied toward the study abroad experience.
The College has a mandatory direct deposit policy for student refunds.  Students must submit a direct deposit enrollment form prior to the semester payment due date It is the student’s responsibility to use their student account refund to pay the study abroad provider directly.  Any balance owed to the provider will be the responsibility of the student. 

Students who choose study abroad experiences that are not featured on this site, including those offered by our partners and other providers with whom the College does not partner, will not enroll at the College and will manage all costs.
Summer 2020

For Students Studying Abroad with External Providers during the Summer 2020 (Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES Abroad, ISEP)
Morehouse College students will be required to pay our preferred providers directly for all summer 2020 experiences. We have featured programs from our preferred providers listed on this site which we have vetted for quality, safety, and cost.
Students will not enroll at Morehouse nor will Morehouse College manage costs or payments for programs offered in the summer.

How do I apply for study abroad?
Begin by researching which program(s) you are interested in.  Once you have chosen a program, click the 'Apply Now' button on that program's brochure page. The application is online. Read more about the application process

What is the application like?
All Morehouse students must complete the online Morehouse study abroad application through this website. This is comprised of a basic questionnaire, signatures of some waivers, completion of the health form, and marking important content as having been read. Students applying for provider programs will also be prompted to simultaneously begin an online application directly with the provider. In addition to the common application elements, some programs may have additional components. These may include a motivational statement or essay, supplemental questions specific to that program, and more. However, no matter which program you apply for, the Morehouse online application will prompt you and remind you every step of the way for everything you need to submit.

What are the deadlines for applications?
Applications for Winter and Spring programs are most commonly due on September 15. Applications for Spring Break are most commonly due November 15.  Applications for Summer, Fall and Full Year programs are most commonly due February 15.  However, there are exceptions to these deadlines.  Exceptions are outlined on the Deadlines page of our website

How does the credit I earn while studying abroad count towards my Morehouse degree?
For credit-bearing study abroad programs, students will complete a Course Approval Form as part of the application process. This will involve seeking approval from the appropriate Morehouse faculty and staff, as prompted on the form, and turning the form in to the Registrar's Office. This form is provided through the Morehouse online application platform for easy access.  Only students who complete the Course Approval form and submit it to the Registrar's Office will be able to earn credit for a study abroad experience. Not all study abroad programs are credit bearing, and therefore not all programs require completion of this form. 

Is traveling abroad safe?
While safety can never be guaranteed, either while studying at Morehouse, or on a Morehouse College approved study abroad program, Morehouse College is committed to doing everything reasonably possible to ensure a healthy and safe experience for the participants in the study abroad programs it sponsors. Students also have individual responsibility to ensure their own health and safety by making informed and responsible choices while abroad.  Students are expected to provide Morehouse College with accurate physical and mental health information in a timely manner to allow faculty and staff to appropriately support students, as they can.  Students are also expected to behave in a manner consistent with Morehouse College guidelines.

Will I have insurance while I'm abroad?
Yes, it is required you have international health insurance while studying abroad. Students going on faculty-led programs will have international insurance included in the program fee.  Students going on provider programs are not required to secure insurance with the Morehouse insurance vendor, however, they will be required to enroll in and pay for the insurance offered by the provider of their program.  Students may not opt out of insurance altogether.

What if I need to withdraw from a study abroad program to which I have already committed?
Please check back soon - a new policy is under development.  Please contact Ms. Jeanine White, or the faculty leader of your program to discuss this further.