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Program Offerings

Morehouse College offers two main models of study abroad: faculty-led and provider programs. Faculty-Led programs are the hallmark of the Morehouse College study abroad portfolio, and are offered in Winter, Spring, and Summer terms.  In addition, Morehouse has relationships with five high quality providers of study abroad programs for semester and year-long study abroad, as well as shorter terms such as summer.  These providers are Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES Abroad, and ISEP.

Use the 'Search All Programs' button below to explore all programs Morehouse College offers, or use the sections provided below to learn more about the two different models of study abroad. A list of the approved (direct) semester-long programs can be found, here

See featured semester program information, here.

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Faculty/Staff-Led Programs

Faculty/Staff-Led programs are the hallmark of the Morehouse College study abroad portfolio.  We offer a variety of this type of program for Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Each program is tailored for our students by Morehouse faculty and staff, thus offering unique opportunities for students. 

Please click on the button below to learn more about the Faculty/Staff-Led Programs being offered at Morehouse College. The application process for each program is outlined on the program brochure page.

Faculty/Staff-Led programs

Provider Programs

Morehouse partners with several providers of study abroad programs to add breadth to our program portfolio. These providers each offer many programs in a wide variety of locations across a wide variety of academic subjects. â€‹Students may not select or apply to direct semester-long study abroad programs that are not on the College's approved list, see here. Our direct semester-long approved list consists of programs with a total cost of $17,000 or less. The ISEP Exchange Program list can be viewed, here.

Arcadia University



IES Abroad


For additional information on our external provider programs, please feel free to reach out to a partner representative, contact list

Please be advised that Accident/Sickness/Medical Evacuation coverage is offered by all five external providers (Arcadia, CAPA, CIEE, IES, ISEP).  Enrolling in this insurance coverage is mandatory for all Morehouse students going on provider programs.  Students may not opt-out of this insurance coverage.  For insurance coverage details, please see each provider’s website for additional information.    

For More Information

After carefully reviewing the information provided on the study abroad website, and the brochure page(s) of the program(s) you are interested in, for more information please contact:

Office of International Education
Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership
Leadership Building, Room 440 or