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Application & Process Guide

Below is general overview of the application requirements to study abroad. Exactly what you will need to complete as part of your study abroad application will depend on the program you apply for. 

Once you have started an application, details and prompts will be provided every step of the way. Your application is not considered submitted until your application status is shown as "Application Submitted".
  1. Basic application questions

  2. Program-specific questions or statement of interest (depends on program)

  3. Signatures of waivers and understanding of policies

  4. If you are applying to a partner or exchange program, be sure to submit an application through the external program provider. 

Next Steps: 
Congratulations on submitting your application! 
  • If you have applied for and accepted a faculty-led program, please review the workflow to understand your next tasks to prepare for your trip
  • If you have applied and accepted a partner or exchange program, please review the Steps to Study Abroad for more information about your next steps