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About the Application

Exactly what you will have to complete as part of your study abroad application will depend a little bit on which program you apply for.  However, a general overview of what's required is outlined below. Once you have started an application, details and prompts will be provided every step of the way. Your application is not considered submitted until your application status is shown as "Application Submitted".
  1. Basic application questions
  2. Program-specific questions or statement of interest (depends on program)
  3. Signatures of waivers and understanding of policies
  4. Visit the Health Center for clearance and to receive required vaccinations/immunizations (as relevant to your program destination). 
  5. Begin an application with the external program provider (for applicants to provider programs only - not for faculty-led applicants)
In addition to the information you provide as part of the application process, Morehouse faculty and staff who have access to your application will also be able to view basic demographic data about you from the Morehouse Student Information System.  You will be able to view the data that has been pulled about you in your Profile. Examples of this data include your major, minor, GPA, Academic Advisor name, address, phone number, and more.  Reviewing these fields help faculty and staff responsible for the programs ensure that you are eligible for the program to which you have applied.

When you apply for a program and arrive on the application you will see something like the image below. There will be instructions at the top, along with a few requirements to complete below. Additional instructional information can be viewed, here.
Application Landing Page

Some of the requirements are questionnaires, which require you to answer a few questions. Click the 'Done' button to mark each questionnaire as completed. 
Questionnaire on Application

Some requirements are documents which can be signed electronically.
Signature Document

Once you have completed all of the application elements, you will see a green checkmark next to each item, and a button will appear at the top. Click this 'submit your application' button to submit your application for review. 
Ready to Submit Your Applicati