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Andrew Young Fund for International Scholars

AYCGL: Office of International Education 

Apply here: Andrew Young Fund for International Scholars

Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Submission of OIE study abroad application for approved partner, exchange, or faculty-led program by application deadline 
    • Faculty-led: varies
    • Summer 2024: April 1, 2024
    • Fall 2024: April 1, 2024
  • Current recipient of financial aid (including the Pell Grant) 
  • FAFSA submission and the ability to upload Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Eligible to be used for fall/spring semester, or faculty-led programs
Only ONE AYFIS Award will be granted to a student during the 2023-2024 academic year.  
Please apply for the Andrew Young Fund for International Scholars (AYFIS) immediately when submitting your study abroad program application. If you are applying to more than one program, please only submit one AYFIS application and email immediately to make our office aware. 

Award Amount
The amount you are awarded depends on your financial need, as determined by your Student Aid Report (SAR), and the total cost of your program.
Direct & Exchange Programs (fall or spring semester) 
  • $1,400
  • Issued as a stipend after departure
Direct Programs (summer) 
  • $1,000
  • Issued as a stipend after departure
​Faculty-Led Programs
Unfunded programs only- notated on program page
  • $1,400-$2,400 
  • Funding transferred directly to program to lower overall cost
Award Tiers (faculty-led programs)
Expected Family Contribution AYFIS Award
$0-$7,000 $2,400
$7,001-$25,000 $1,800
$25,001-$1 less than cost of attendance $1,400
The "Pay-It-Forward" Responsibility of AYFIS Scholarship Recipients:
Students who receive this scholarship from the Office of International Education are responsible for serving as OIE Diplomats. As a study abroad alumnus you are "the face" of study abroad at Morehouse and support the mission of the OIE to inform, empower, and educate peers about study abroad and the global opportunities offered through the OIE before, during, and/or after traveling abroad.  
Andrew Young Fund Scholarship Application Link: