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Steps to Study Abroad for a Semester

Steps to Study Abroad: Semester

Please note that steps may vary depending on the program you choose (direct or exchange). Only students classified as sophomores or juniors are eligible to study abroad for a semester. 

Current deadlines
Spring 2025: October 3, 2024

Daraki Jackson London
Getting Started 
1. Attend a Study Abroad Information Session (every Wednesday at 3pm in Massey, 440)
2. Schedule an academic advising appointment 
  • Research programs that interest you and the courses that are offered
  • Schedule appointment with academic advisor to create an academic plan aligned with your degree plan (courses, degree plan)  
3. Research and choose your preferred programs 
  • Identify your top two choices
  • Keep in mind that exchange programs are only available in the spring semester
  • Schedule an appointment with a peer advisor to help narrow down your program choices 
4. Schedule an OIE advising appointment to solidify your first and second program choices 
5. Complete applications on Study Abroad Portal by the OIE deadlines​​ 
Spring 2025 Semester Application Program Deadline: October 3, 2024
Post Submission  
6. Commit to program  
7. Explore visa and documentation requirements  
  • If you have questions, please reach out to your external provider
8. Secure academic course approvals
  • Get courses approved by department chairs for each academic discipline related to courses taken abroad using this form 
  • Upload list of approved courses to the Study Abroad Portal 
9. Fill out the Study Abroad Financial Aid Verification Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office (fall and spring semester only)
10. Consult residence life regarding current and future housing needs (fall and spring semester only)

11. Review travel health information and complete health travel clearance forms (fall and spring semester only)
12. If applicable, complete post-submission tasks for external provider (travel documents, course information, etc.) 

13. Familiarize yourself with your destination country 

14. Attend all OIE Pre-Departure Orientation/workshops
  • Join OIE WhatsApp group to share arrival confirmation, pictures/videos and ask questions 
15. Upload final travel itinerary to Study Abroad Portal  

16. Enroll in Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP) and review traveler safety guidelines, and travelers’ health information 

17. Notify OIE of safe return from program (via and/or WhatsApp group) 

18. Share study abroad photos or videos for OIE promotion  

19. Complete OIE post-program evaluation on the Study Abroad Portal 

20. Share your experience and become an OIE Ambassador! 

  • The earlier you begin the process, the better!
  • Students may not select or apply to semester-long study abroad programs that are not on the College's approved list (see Program Discovery tab for more information)
  • Please complete your application thoroughly and accurately to avoid any delays in the process. Please review the instructional guide for searching programs and completing an application, here
  • Plan your budget. See sample budgeting tools, Direct Semester Program Budgeting Template and ISEP Exchange Program Budgeting Template
  • Application deadline for external providers may differ from the Morehouse application deadline. Be sure to complete both applications by the appropriate dates. 
  • Exchange programs are only available for the spring semester. Spaces are limited and acceptance is highly competitive.
  • This process differs slightly in the summer term. Explore the summer workflow here