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Faculty: Leading Students Abroad

Faculty who wish to lead a study abroad program must complete a proposal each time the trip will run. More details about the process for the proposal are found using the appropriate button below. For your reference in planning a program, please thoroughly read, Guidelines to Design and Implement Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs​.

  • Faculty who are proposing a new study abroad trip will need to complete a comprehensive proposal. 
  • Faculty who are proposing a renewal of a study abroad trip that has run during a previous year may use the renewal instead.  Note: a new proposal is required if a program has not run for the past two years due to under-enrollment or other circumstances, or if there have been significant changes to the program (i.e. change of country).
  • All Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs must be approved by the Education Abroad Committee before organizing and traveling. Proposals to lead programs abroad must be submitted by a full-time faculty or staff member. Proposals can be for programs that include coursework, research, civic engagement/service learning, cultural enrichment, or any combination of these activities. 
    • More information on the Education Abroad Committee can be found, here.
  • Deadlines for Submission:
Applications are reviewed by the Morehouse College Education Abroad Committee only three times each year. Deadlines for the submission of Faculty-Led study abroad programs are listed below. Before beginning the proposal, you can preview the questions, here. Additional proposal application submission instructions can be viewed, here.
  • Spring Break Programs
    • September 1st
  • Summer Programs
    • October 1st 
  • Winter Break/J-Mester Programs
    • June 1st  

When you click one of the buttons above, you will first be asked to select the time your trip will take place, see screenshots below.

Select Term of Travel

Once you are in the proposal application, you will see some instructions at the top of the page, along with some required items to complete the proposal.
Application Overview

Many of the required items are questionnaires, which request some general information about your trip. Click the 'Done' button at the bottom of the list of questions to mark the questionnaire as complete.
Once you have completed all of the application elements, you will see a green checkmark next to each item, and a button will appear at the top. Click this 'submit your application' button to submit your proposal for review.
Submit Your Application